Sustainable  Land Development

in the heart of Yavapai County, Arizona


Arizona Eco Development, LLC

Arizona Eco Development, LLC is an Arizona-based land holding company. AED owns approximately 15,000 acres of unencumbered, free and clear land located in central Yavapai County. Our lands lie in the City of Prescott,  the Town of Prescott Valley and the Town of Chino Valley. Our team is composed of good corporate citizens who are infused with community spirit, with a sense of responsibility; we want to be good custodians.

We are native Arizonans who aspire to manage AED’s lands responsibly, with an eye towards the land’s heritage and also to the great natural beauty of the site, particularly the Point of Rocks. We acknowledge and believe that whatever we do with this land must be sensitive to local needs and the concerns of the area’s citizens.

Good Stewards of the Land

Our aim is to implement a resource-efficient development plan. By leaving as much natural landscape intact and maximizing open space, our goal is to put in place development projects without the depletion of natural resources. We want to provide a product and a service that will best serve the members of our community, while maintaining the serenity and beauty that Yavapai County is known for.

At AED, we are conscious of our responsibility to look after the historical land we hold for future generations. Our development plan is structured around 3 specific goals:

  1. Maximize Open Space: Preserving the Point of Rock, as well as augmenting the existing trail systems so as to enable all residents to enjoy better access to this magnificent local landmark;
  2. Minimize the use of limited water resources via water-conserving community regulations (CC&Rs), and in so doing preserve water for future generations;
  3. At every step, to be environmentally responsible, by ameliorating / minimizing the environmental impact of development which will spread to AED’s lands, inevitably, as the Tri City area’s population grows. We want to create communities in which both new residents and neighbors can continue to enjoy the marvelous nature of the area.
The Ranches

The Ranches

In April of 2013, AED took possession of The Granite Dells Ranch and Point of Rocks Ranch. Today, the Granite Dells and Point of Rocks ranches total 31 sections—15,000 acres of range land, 600 acres of farmland, and 4,000 acres of state leased grazing land. Since the initial purchase in 1908 by the Wilkinson family, these two ranches have always been managed together.



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Area Information

Area Information

Arizona Eco Development L.L.C. owns approximately 15,000 acres of unencumbered, free and clear land located in central Yavapai County.

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